Boarding & Individual Suites
We Provide a Safe / Home-like Environment

On Site Staff
Safety and care during all hours (24/7)

Enables your dog to feel comfortable and right at home

Customized Feeding Schedule
Maintains an environment the dog is used to

Toys from home
Your dog will be happy and comfortable with its own toys


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As a dog owner, you may want to travel for either a business trip or vacation and you can’t go with your canine friend.

This may leave you worried about where you will leave your dog — especially if you had entrusted another person with the job of taking care of your pet in the past only for them to let you down. There is no need to worry anymore!  Dog boarding services are available and are a good option you can rely on to take care of your dog in your absence.

Friends of Toto take good care of your dog while you are away. We have all it takes to keep your dog happy and comfortable.  Being an experienced and quality dog boarding facility, we understand the psychology of a dog when it’s away from the owner.  We spend ample time with your dog to ease any separation anxiety and communicate with the owner with photos or updates to help ease your mind while you’re away.

The professional dog boarding facility provides grooming and other pampering routines for your dog on top of lodging and food necessities.

Reasons to choose Friends of Toto dog boarding facility:

1. Professional staff
Different dogs require specialized care by skilled specialists. The facility has professionally trained and insured staff who have no criminal records. This ensures high safety standards.

2. Emergency Planning
Unlike at-home dog care services, a reputable dog boarding facility has documented plans for emergencies of all types for all the dogs in the facility.  Friends of Toto’s staff are versed on vital first aid nuances and understand the strategies for dealing with a variety of potential emergencies (medical and otherwise!).

3. Vaccination
Friends of Toto have strict vaccination policies to protect your dog from disease, infection and parasites. While at the facility, your dog is far less likely to be exposed to infections thanks to our strictly enforced requirements.

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