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Dog Grooming Services in RI | The Best Dog Groomers
Dog Grooming Company Near Me in Providence, Rhode Island

Contrary to what many dog owners think, dog grooming is not just about ensuring your dog is clean and good-looking. Dog grooming also involves maintaining your dog’s physical health and mental health.

Proper dog grooming is beneficial in the sense that it ensures you have a clean and good-smelling companion by your side. Grooming also ensures your canine friend is comfortable. Besides, when your dog is well groomed it becomes easier for you to spot any health problems before they get out of hand.

Friends of Toto have the right tools and space for dog grooming. With the right grooming equipment and the right dedicated space for it, the process becomes easier and enjoyable for your dog.

The following are some of the dog grooming services offered by Friends of Toto dog care:

1. Nail trimming
Dogs can have extremely sharp nails which increase the risk of injury if they are not trimmed regularly. Overgrown nails are not only untidy, they may also cause destruction of upholstery at home.

2. Bathing
Your dog needs some washing to keep it clean and germ-free. Friends of Toto have appropriate sized bathing tubs to fit the smallest and largest of dogs.  Our groomers are trained to handle all types for all of their varied needs.

3. Teeth brushing
Teeth brushing helps to combat bad breath and periodontal disease in dogs. Being a certified dog care facility, Friends of Toto have access to the right dog toothbrushes and toothpastes your pet needs to stay healthy!

4. Brushing
Brushing your dog is a very essential element in dog grooming. Your dog requires regular brushing to remove dead hairs, dandruff and dirt.  Brushing also helps to bring out natural oils on a dog’s fur and helps to spread it across the fur leaving your dog with a glossy and healthy sheen.  Perhaps more importantly, brushing allows for examination of the dog’s skin so as to identify any external parasites such as fleas, ticks and other issues like patches, swellings, and abnormalities that can be reported back to the owners.

5. Ear cleaning
Your dog’s ears should be clean and odor-free always. The reputable Friends of Toto dog care facility have the right equipment to perform regular ear cleaning on your dog.

Our facility supports a wide variety of grooming needs depending on the breed and the wishes of the owner.  Schedule an appointment today to see what we can do for you!

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