Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the facility a member of an association for boarding, doggie daycare, grooming or training?
Yes, Friends of Toto is a member of the International Boarding & Pet Services Association (IBPSA).

Are there security fences around the boarding area?
Yes, all of the play areas that the dogs have access to, have security fences surrounding them to prevent untimely escapes and keep unwanted visitors away.

Does the facility have an evacuation plan in the event of emergencies?
Yes, all staff are aware of the evacuation plan based on the location of the emergency.  Placards are placed throughout the facility to help guide people as needed to the closest exits.

Does the facility have a fire abatement program?
Yes, the play areas incorporate a sprinkler system and there are current fire extinguishers and fire alarms throughout the facility in the event a fire occurs.

Is the facility climate controlled with air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter?
Yes, there is a modern air conditioning and heating unit installed to ensure our pets are comfortable in all types of weather.  All of the play and resting areas for the dogs are also equipped with bowls of cold water to help cool off.

What type of animal care training does the staff receive?
All staff members are certified in Pet First Aid and Pet CPR.  In addition, each staff member has completed training in the “Knowing Dogs” series from Robin Bennet.  In most instances, the team members also have some sort of prior experience in working with dogs.

What is the staff-to-pet ratio (how many pets per employee do you staff for?)?
At the most, we have 15 dogs to one supervisor for daycare play.  At many times throughout the day, the ratio is smaller (e.g. 10 – 12 per person), but the most we would expect to supervise is 15 dogs.

Does my dog have its own suite or will my pet be housed in a crate?
All of our overnight guests have their own suite (unless they are from the same family and wish to keep the family members together).  Crates are only used in an emergency situation . . . and are not for use overnight.

How frequently are the dogs let outdoors for exercise and elimination?
Our daycare customers are let out at least 3 to 4 times per day for outdoor playing.  Overnight guests are let out into the secure outdoor area twice before bedtime and once in the morning.

Does the staff separate daycare groups by size, age, and temperament?
In the daycare area, dogs are grouped based on their size and play style.  Each customer is evaluated to determine the best play group for them and is monitored to ensure that the selected group remains appropriate.  At Friends of Toto, we pay extra special attention to our elderly friends and make sure they have a space where they can comfortably relax.  If your pet is an overnight guest, the dogs will be in a group play environment except when eating and sleeping.  Both of these activities are done on their own.

If I do not bring my own food, what type of food will my pet receive?
We strongly encourage all of our boarding dog owners to bring food from home.  Doing so helps keep a consistent diet for your dog and a source of continuity.  We do, however, offer those interested two different options for food if requested.  We offer an organic option – “Natural Balance Pet Food” and an alternative option – “Beneful.”  Costs are varied depending on the size of the animal and the requested dietary requirement.

Do you monitor how much my pet eats and if the pet’s eliminations are normal?
Yes.  More than this, we monitor to make sure that all of your pet’s behaviors are normal.  Anything unusual or odd will be communicated to the pet owner via email or phone.  If an emergency situation arises, we will call the emergency contact on file and bring the dog to the vet immediately.

Do you administer pet medications during its stay?
Yes.  At check in, we ask that the pet owner provide explicit instructions for the provision of medicines.  If there are any questions or concerns, we will follow up via email or phone.

What services does the facility offer?
In addition to the daycare and boarding services, we also offer our clients the option of getting their dog groomed while with us.  Getting groomed is a great way to pamper your pet while your away!  Our experienced groomers, have a dedicated grooming space to help reduce the stress during the process.

Are vaccination records required before enrollment?
Yes.  The City of Pawtucket requires the following vaccines be administered before enrollment (proof must be supplied at the initial meeting):  Rabies, Bordatella (“Kennel Cough”), and DHLPP (or DA2PP).

Do you have any breed restrictions?
Yes.  Due to updates in insurance policies, we do not provide daycare or boarding services for the Pit Bull Terrier breed. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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