Daycare: $33 / day + tax

Daycare Hourly: $8.25 / day + tax

$5 Surcharge for holidays* and weekends

Only one discount per transaction will be accepted.


5 Day Pass: $160.88 + tax

10 Day Pass: $313.50 + tax

20 Day Pass: $594.00 + tax


5 Day (for 2 dogs) Pass: $289.58 + tax

10 Day (for 2 dogs) Pass: $564.30 + tax


Boarding: $3.00 / Hour + tax

$40 surcharge for drop offs and pick ups between 11PM and 6AM + tax

$5 / Hour for 2 dogs + tax

$6.90 / Hour for 3 dogs + tax



Military / Police / Fire Families: 10% Off

Only one discount per transaction will be accepted.


* Holidays as defined by the State of Rhode Island General Assembly


  • A day of daycare will go up $1 (3% increase) to $34 / day (7a-7p)
  • Hourly rates will increase to $8.50 / hour
  • All package rates will continue to have the same percent savings applied
  • Boarding rates will also increase to $3.10 / hour (from the current $3.00)
  • Customers who need us to provide meals will be charged $5 / meal (if you bring your own food, there’s no additional cost).
  • Customers who need us to administer medication will be charged $3 / administration

Effective 1/1/2023, if we do not receive a cancellation notice within 24 hours of the reservation for any reason, the charges will be as follows: 30% for the cost of daycare, 30% for the cost of boarding, and a flat $30 fee for all non-cancelled grooming appointments.

Please note: If your dog is scheduled for a grooming appointment while in daycare of boarding, the pickup time cannot be changed without prior approval from our groomer.

Please note that this fee applies to all non-cancelled “ongoing schedules” as well. New dogs coming to daycare or boarding need to be dropped off after 9a.m. on their first day.

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