Thanksgiving Dinner . . .


Seems to me that when I was a kid, everything . . . and I mean EVERYTHING left over after Thanksgiving dinner went to the dog.  It was a feast for kings I would think.  Yet, especially in these past few decades, it’s amazing how much we’ve learned about canine diets.  When I think of how much we fed and what we fed our dogs, it’s amazing any of them survived!

Given the upcoming holiday, I thought it’d be a good time to revisit the list of household foods that are currently deemed toxic to pets.  The Humane Society compiled the list below.  I’ve tried to highlight some of the items that may appear on your menu this Thanksgiving to pay extra attention to:

Alcoholic Beverages, Apple Seeds, Avocados, Cherry Pits, Candy (particularly chocolates), Coffee, Garlic, Grapes, Macadamia Nuts, Mustard Seeds, Onions / Onion Powder, Raisins, Salt, Tea, Walnuts, and Yeast.

Pay extra attention to those ingredient lists.  Anything with Xylitol – an artificial sweetener commonly found in chewing gums, candy, etc. –  is no good!

As always, in this season of “Thankfulness” – please try to remember those less fortunate . . . especially owners of our four-legged companions.  At Friends of Toto, we’re organizing a campaign to raise dog food donations for those struggling to get their pets food.  It’s a problem often overlooked since the focus is typically trying to feed the person themselves.

Be careful and be thankful!

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