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In the past few weeks, our dogs have been making some unusual headlines!  It is a fascinating detail that as our relationships grow, new conflicts arise that increasingly we look to government to sort out for us.

First up:  Wonder the Goldendoodle won at the Supreme Court (with an 8-0 ruling no less)!  Of course, what was won is highly technical legal jargon, but the premise of the case is interesting in that school systems are being challenged to accommodate service dogs in the classroom.  Some of the parents involved in these cases seem to think that it’s the “newness” of the dynamic that causes struggles.  For example, if a child is getting all of their educational needs met in the classroom without a service dog, should a service dog be allowed to come into the building anyway?  Experts say “yes!”  The bond between the service dog and the child only works when they’re together.  As such, the service dog should be allowed to accompany the student all the time.  It’s remarkable how much dogs are able to do in this environment:  They’ve been trained to cut down tantrums, detect and alert adults about upcoming seizures, and keep the child from wondering away, amongst other things.

Next:  Today, the Providence Journal is reporting that Representative Charlene Lima from Cranston introduced a bill to encourage Rhode Island judges to give special credence to the role of pets in a divorce proceeding.  It seeks for the judge to consider the best environment for the pet to live in after the separation.

In all, the human / dog bond continues to evolve and grow.  What an exciting time to see and be a part of that evolution!

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