How are we doing?


With all of the communication going on re: COVID-19, we’re frequently being asked:  How are you doing?

Like many other businesses tied to the travel industry, our dog boarding volumes are most definitely down.  We’re hopeful that people who would ordinarily take trips will still take them  . . . just in the future when it’s safer to travel.  Our daycare volumes are lower, but not yet quite as low as I anticipate them to go.  Lastly, our grooming numbers are about the same.  As such, if you’re interested in getting your dog groomed, we’re still booking about a week in advance.  Please be sure to schedule the appointment as soon as possible.

Despite the gloomy economic outlook, I think there’s much to be hopeful about.  I cannot recall a time when anything like this has happened in my lifetime.  I think it’s amazing / heartening / hopeful how the community seems to be reacting.  Toilet paper jokes aside, it’s nice to see how businesses and governments are working together toward a collective goal of keeping everyone safe.  There’s an air of “we’ll get through this together” that sort of feels like Christmas shopping.  The fact that people are regularly asking “how are you doing?” shows a degree of concern / care that is both unexpected and greatly appreciated.

One suggestion:  Support as many local businesses as you can.  I speak from experience when I say that this will be a challenge for all businesses – but particularly hard on the small businesses.  Try out that small restaurant (take out?) or consider sending a loved one that lives far away a trinket from one of our tourist shops.  Of course, continue to bring your dog in for daycare once in a while!  The extra activity will help keep them healthy and having them out of the house while you’re grading papers / participating in a conference calls / etc. will give you the peace and quiet you need!

As a reminder:  there is no evidence that dogs can catch or transmit COVID-19.  This means that we should hold them close and rely on them to comfort us.  Also – remember that we’re here to help.  If you or a loved one needs to be hospitalized – please give us a call.  We can help!


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