Santa’s Sad Story


Over the past few days, we’ve had the good fortune to have Santa Clause come visit us at Friends of Toto to take some photos of the pups.  As busy as he is getting ready for the prime time, he took some time out to talk to us over a plate of cookies with milk of course!  I learned so much in those discussions!  The most surprising thing I learned though was that being Santa isn’t always much fun.

I found that surprising.  Santa embodies everything joyous and happy about the season.  Just listen to just about any Christmas carol and you know exactly what I mean.  From Santa’s point of view though, it’s not so rosy!

  1. He said the puppies coming to visit him are just like the children that come to visit him: A few are happy and excited to see him, but most are unsure or, worse, afraid of him.  It’s never Santa’s intention to upset anyone and seeing the fear sort of makes him sad.  As adults, we smile and think it’s cute to some extent, but I suppose from Santa’s point of view . . . to see those sad eyes, just isn’t too much fun.
  1. Santa’s beard is magical! I had never known that, but in retrospect, it makes sense.  Ever notice how Santa’s beard is varied lengths or cuts, and, sometimes, is even a bit fake looking?  Santa’s beard grows magically and sometimes it all falls out and has to start growing again.  When that happens, he has to wear a fake beard so everyone can recognize him.  Wearing that fake beard is awfully uncomfortable and itchy!  He hates it, but has to do it to fit the role.
  1. Despite all the joy he brings, he never gets to celebrate it in person! All his work is done in secret.  As such, he doesn’t get to see the joy unfold on Christmas morning when everyone is enjoying the fruits of his labor.

I tell all of you this so that next time you see him . . . maybe at a mall or on the side of the road . . . give him a smile and wave so he knows you care.  And if he’s wearing that fake beard, give him a special knowing wink as if to say:  “Thanks for doing that big guy!  We appreciate you!!”

Santa & Izzy

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