Canine Cough Facts!


Canine Cough FAQ

  1. What is canine cough? Canine cough is one of several respiratory illnesses that fall under the Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease (CIRD) umbrella. Canine cough is a contagious illness that can be spread from dog to dog through airborne droplets, sharing of water bowls, and through direct contact. Canine cough can be transmitted anywhere dogs congregate. The primary symptom of canine cough is a strong, persistent cough. Other symptoms associated with CIRD include sneezing, loss of appetite, lethargy, and runny nose. Most CIRD illnesses are typically self-limiting.
  2. When will my dog start showing symptoms? Dogs generally start showing symptoms 3-10 days after they have been exposed to a CIRD-related virus.
  3. What happens if you see symptoms at Friends of Toto? The staff at Friends of Toto is very sensitive to changes in behavior and other symptoms of canine cough. Staff have been trained in how to mitigate the spread of any illness. If we observe symptoms, we will immediately quarantine the dog and notify the owner to pick up the dog.
  4. What should I do if I see symptoms at home?
    1. If you observe any CIRD-related symptoms, DO NOT bring your dog to daycare. Just as we wouldn’t send a sick a child to school, we shouldn’t leave a sick dog at daycare where it could infect other dogs.
    2. Make an appointment to see your dog’s veterinarian. Veterinarians will often treat the cough and may recommend rest and prescribe antibiotics. Some vets may perform tests in an effort to get a specific diagnosis. Multiple viruses fall under the CIRD umbrella. Some variants may require different treatment.
  5. What does Friends of Toto do to prevent canine cough?
    1. Friends of Toto requires that all of our guests receive regular Bordetella vaccinations. The vaccination does not guarantee that your dog will not get canine cough; however, a Bordetella vaccine will most often minimize the symptoms and length of illness if your dog does become exposed to the virus.
    2. Friends of Toto staff constantly clean play surfaces, drinking bowls, sleeping spaces, etc. with solutions designed to stop the spread of illnesses.
    3. Friends of Toto staff is educated on symptoms so that we can react quickly if necessary.
    4. Friends of Toto shares notices like this in an effort to make dog owners aware that they too play a role in observing and reacting to their dog’s health.
  6. If my dog is not showing symptoms, is it safe to bring my dogs to Friends of Toto for daycare or boarding? Any time dogs are interacting with other dogs, there is a risk that they will contract some variant of canine cough. The staff of Friends of Toto does its best to keep any illness from spreading in the facility.

NOTE: Not every cough is canine cough. However, do not ignore a persistent cough. Consult your veterinarian for more information.


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